Loudspeaker data analysis and GLL creation software.

5000 Watt Peak power - 2500 Watt RMS.

April 27, 2021 ·. Features.

RCF has decided to put GLLs that are licensed for the new version of this software, Focus 3, at the disposal of the users.

You can open de GLL in Ease GLL Viewer, and the info states that the data is authorized by the manufacturer (RCF), like all other RCF GLL's.

EASE. All EASE and CLF data are provided with 1/3rd octave smoothing and 5 degrees resolution in separate Zip files. In addition,.

The GLL format also introduced many additional enhancements apart from the acoustical aspects.

RCF Engineering Team has developed new AMFG® EASE 4 GLL files for new speakers, useful for the design and simulation of the system in EASE 4 and EASE Focus 3 software Learn more. EASE. Not all speaker manufactures have EASE data to begin with, and only some have the free.

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One Systems, Inc. In EASE, each loudspeaker is described by a system definition profile which contains the mechanical, electronic, and acoustic properties of the loudspeaker.

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GLL data files are created and supplied by loudspeaker manufacturers.

We recommend that all VUE al-Class customers download the latest version of Focus along with our latest Focus GLL files (acoustical and physical datasets).


3) - EASE Focus enabled — [2. 2 x 18" Woofer. RCF Releases GLL Speaker Definition Files for ART 9 Series - RCF.

Have you tried. com. RCF Engineering Team announces the release of GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) Data for ART 9 Series speakers, useful for the design and. . www.


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Any GLL file can be loaded into the EASE acoustic modeling software.

Established in Italy in 1949, RCF has consistently set new trends in the market.


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